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Torbay Web Design services – We offer affordable website design, we are based in Paignton, but our website design services are available to any area. So if you are looking for a web designer in paignton ,torquay, brixham, totnes, plymouth, exeter, Devon, Cornwall Or from any where in the UK we can provide you with your website as if we were just down the road to you.


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for the best value web site design services in Torbay, we are Torbay design, for Torbay web design services

for the best value web site design services in Torbay, we are Torbay design, for Torbay web site design services


If you are just starting of in business, you may feel under pressure to get a web presence and in one way you should be. The internet is a great place to show off your talents or services to the whole world !. BUT it doesn’t have to cost you your business to be on the internet. We at torbay design, offer full website design services to all. Although our torbay web site design in based in Torbay, the beauty of the internet means we can offer our services to any area of the world, and this is something you can do to.

Our basic 1 page web site design allows you to have a quick presence so people can see you.  it is a bit like a leaflet style site with a contact form page and SEO built in so people can find you on google. It is also mobile optimised

Our 5 page website design is a wordpress site that offers upto 5 pages fully designed – domain name 1 email address – mobile optimised – photo gallery. This is one of most popular web site design packages as it offers a good amount of information for the price at only £75 for a full 2 years web design and hosting all inclusive.

Our wordpress MAX web design is our largest and all inclusive site we offer – you can have as many pages as you need, you can include as many photos in your web design as you need, it can be connected to automatically update twitter and face book for you to keep control of your social media advertising for you, FULL SEO is built in to the site along with mobile optimising built in, these are things that other web design company will charge you for , usually more per month than we charge for for the whole 2 year package  – our torbay web design package price is just £150 all inclusive for 2 years.


We are a small business in Paignton offering a very affordable website design and hosting package.

If you have a business, club, organisation and don’t have a website you may be losing valuable customers.

Many people search the internet now rather than phone pages / adverts  for what they are after.

A website allows you to have that all important web presence you need to keep up with you competitors.

We don’t charge update fees and we don’t charge extra for social media and SEO


Our standard website packages


Single Page
per 2 years
  • Single Page web presence
  • Fully designed page
  • domain name
  • 1 email address
  • mobile optimised
WordPress 5
per 2 years
  • wordpress website package
  • upto 5 pages fully designed
  • domain name
  • 1 email address
  • mobile optimised, photo gallery
WordPress MAX
per 2 years
  • wordpress website MAX package
  • Fully designed site upto 20 pages
  • domain name
  • upto 3 email address
  • mobile optimised, SEO, all updates

Our new optimised websites look good on any device you are viewing them on, they auto scale and shuffle information so that they are viewable with out all the zooming and pinching that normally drives viewers away.

Since we set up business over 15 years ago, we have had a few others trying to leach of our name,  We are Torbay Design, or Some others have try to copy with torbaywebdesign,  torbay web design, torbay web designers, please don’t be fooled by the names – the simple thing to do is take a look at their prices and if they do not offer all inclusive prices from £50 to £150 the you are paying to much. torbay design web site packages include SEO ( google search engine ) , Mobile optimisation built in ( normally extra else where ) a full gallery and on our max sites we include Facebook and twitter integration, something that others will charge you for ( sometimes more per month than we charge for our entire web site package for 2 years )

Basically, Torbay design web site packages are all inclusive with NO hidden extras or monthly charges – you know straight away how much your website design will cost as there are no individual charges and we are not scared to show you our prices.


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