Bronze package

Do you just want a simple presence on the internet? if you are not looking for a full-blown website but you do want customers to see you exist then a single page web presence could fit the bill.

Essentially it is like a leaflet/poster advertising your business so others can find you via google.

The total cost is £75 for the setup/design and first-year hosting. After the first year, if you decide to continue, the renewal fee is just £75 per year.

what you get :
  • 12 Months hosting
  • Domain name
  • 1x email address
  • full set up and design
  • Single page site


if you require more info on your site you can consider our 5-page site which is great for smaller firms to display themselves on the net or if you need a lot of constant changes and want a larger site then our max package is for you.