Design comes in many forms

Design comes in many different forms and I like to explore the different mediums that technology has to offer.

Computer design work, using 3d modeling, 3d scanning, digital photo editing, artificial intelligence created imagery and more.

This can then be created in physical form by, 3d additive machining on 3d printers, subtractive machining on laser cutters, CNC carving and milling, vinyl cutters, embroidery machine and digital photography.

about me

Hi I'm Steven Underhill.

Some examples of things I provide.

  • Laser engraving onto wood / acrylic / glass - full custom design
  • CNC engraving and carving on wood / metal
  • Embroidery - patchwork/ tags / patches and more
  • Vinyl cutter - sign writing / graphic designs and more
  • Digital photo repair and enhancing services
  • Web site design and hosting services.