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Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Torbay design was set up to provide a great value website design and hosting service with the main aim in providing you with a professional look website without the need to take out a loan to afford one.

Website design services can charge from £400 upwards per year and charge you for every update or “special features” they provide, such as mobile optimisation and additional pages.

Most providers will tie you down to contracts to ensure they get your money – usually before you even see your site.

Torbay design is different – VERY different.

We offer

  • an all-inclusive price for your website with no extra fees.
  • 12 months hosting on all websites & domain names
  • email address connected with your site
  • full design work
  • updates to your site included
  • all sites are mobile optimised as standard ( not as an extra like others )
  • once the initial 12 months are up renewal is only £75 on all packages for further 12 months
  • no commitment to have to continue after 12 months  – although most of our sites have been with us over 10 years.
  • integration with your facebook and twitter feeds
  • basic SEO built into all sites

if you need just a simple web presence then a single page might be all you need,

if you wish to have more info about you then a 5-page site is ideal

if you wish to have a blog and multiple pages then our max site includes everything you could want

or if you want to sell your items, then our e-shop site includes a full e-commerce system with shopping cart and PayPal payments.

The Torbay ramblers have had their site for a few years now and have seen a massive upturn in their membership thanks to the site.

It has been set up so that they can upload their own photos and info on their walks on a blog site. This automatically gets posted to Twitter where they have a large following each week and also to their weekly newsletter sent out to hundreds of people every week.

the site engages people and is a great example of how to use a blog site.

Onthegonutritionshakes Is one of our newer sites and is an online shop selling their nutrition shakes.

They ran their own Facebook campaign on the run-up to the site being launched and now allows them to turn their interested blog readers into customers. giving them a complete e-shop to sell them Items.

e-shops can also sell virtual items such as photos/designs and more as well as physical items like shakes.

CPN-Training offers heavy plant machinery training and testing nationwide

To find out more drop me an email on torbaydesign@gmail.com

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